FAQs about Hair Loss Correction


I will be going through cancer treatments, how can Capilia Victoria help me?

Capilia’s hair loss solution experts understand that they come into your life at a critical time. This is why we have designed the Comfort program, where we address your temporary hair loss and offer information and solutions in a private and tranquil environment.

We will accompany you BEFORE, DURING and AFTER your treatments with our all-inclusive Comfort program. This program brings together all the treatments, products and peace of mind that you’ll need from the time you learn that you will lose your hair until it grows back.

The Comfort program includes:

  • A comfortable hair prosthesis made from human hair or synthetic fibers, as well as fitting, cutting, styling and reconditioning as necessary;
  • A transitional hair cut to help better prepare you for the hair loss;
  • Three (3) salon treatments to soothe your sensitive and irritated scalp and encourage a healthy regrowth;
  • One (1) home care kit to maintain your prosthesis and scalp;
  • Complete privacy, individual attention and experienced staff who will support you through the whole process.

When will I start losing my hair?

Loss of hair, partial or complete, is one of the most common side effects of chemotherapy and cranial radiation treatments, and it usually occurs 2 to 3 weeks after the beginning of the treatments. This hair loss is usually temporary and wearing a comfortable hair prosthesis can help you feel better about yourself.


This side-effect is considered to be physically and emotionally devastating by the majority of men and women. In fact, most of them feel that the loss of hair is as difficult to deal with as the diagnosis of cancer.

Once you are told by your medical team that hair loss is a possibility, you realize how it is linked to your self-image. You may wonder if you will be able to feel good about yourself and keep your spirits up when your hair disappears.


When should I order my wig?

In order to obtain your hair prosthesis prior to your hair loss, we recommend that you make an appointment with a Capilia expert before you begin your treatments. You will then be able to select the style and colour that most resembles your usual hair style.

What can I expect on my first visit?

We will evaluate your current hair and understand your expectations: your density, colour, length, texture, style.

Then we wil help you select and try on new replacement hair adapted to your needs and lifestyle.  

We will also  discuss the alternatives to wearing a hair prosthesis: hat, turban, scarf or other. 

We will help you prepare for your hair loss and discuss your desire to cut hair shorter with a transitional hair cut  before hair loss begins.This short hair cut facilitates acceptance, because it can be less difficult to lose short hair than long hair. You will feel as if you take control of your hair loss. We will recommend that you contact us when you feel you are ready to cut your hair short. 


You will obtain answers to all your questions and concerns.

My hair is thinning, how can Capilia Victoria help me?

Women tend to lose their hair in combinations of various patterns and progressions. Some women notice their hair loss beginning in the anterior or mid-scalp region, a few inches behind the hairline. In other women, it is the hairline itself that begins to thin, but there is rarely a true recession as there is with men; rather, the thinning seems to occur randomly throughout the first inch or so of hair without the orderly recession pattern that is characteristic of most male-pattern baldness. As well, very few women experience recession at the temples, whereas most men do.

The wide variety of patterns and progressions in female baldness make a singular approach problematic. How could one solution that helps establish a frontal hairline also work for diffused hair loss all over the top of the scalp? The Trapeze program is a process of adding to your existing hair, rather than covering it up, as a wig would do. It allows adding hair to thinning areas and replacing hair in areas where there may be none left. The amount of hair that is supplemented can come in whatever proportions it takes to cosmetically solve your hair loss problem.

Because of the various female hair loss patterns and causes, we offer a personnalized Instant Hair Loss Correction Program specifically design for women,s need is ideal to achieve the right amount of hair enhancement in critical areas, while preserving existing hair. 

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