Kamitek - Hair Microfibres


Kamitek Hair Microfibres

Designed to camouflage the thinning areas of the scalp, Kamitek envelopes each hair to instantly restore hair volume and density.


Hair microfibres provide a quick and completely natural way to visually increase hair density. Thanks to their electrostatic properties, Kamitek fibres adhere to existing hair to efficiently fill out thinning areas on the top of your head.

  • 100% natural vegetal fibre, safe for the scalp
  • You won’t feel their presence and they won’t block out skin pores
  • Unnoticeable to the naked eye, for a natural look
  • Antibacterial properties
  • Won’t soil or stain clothes
  • Weather resistent (wind, rain, etc.)
  • Sweat resistent
  • Stay in place until the next time you wash your hair
  • Can be combined to hair transplants and preventive care
  • Up to 65 applications in each 22-gram bottle
  • Available in various shades. 

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