Wigs & Hair Prosthesis


Capilia Victoria offers you much more than a wig

Capilia centers offer a wide variety of natural looking wigs and prostheses of superior quality for a natural appearance.

Some women desire to enhance their daily look while others may opt for a change during very special occasions. There are some women whose self esteem is negatively affected by thinning hair, regardless of the cause. These women want to look and feel more beautiful for themselves and towards others. Whatever your need, a wig or prosthesis is an excellent choice in gaining confidence in the way you look and feel.

For comfort and the most natural appearance, consult a Capilia expert to evaluate your needs, your lifestyle and your budget in order to find the hair replacement treatment that best suits you.

Solutions for Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy

For those undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatment, capillary and sebaceous gland activity is sharply reduced, causing the scalp and skin to dry out considerably as well as leading to temporary hair loss.

The Well-Being Care Kit helps you fully hydrate your scalp during treatments and ensures vigourous regrowth after hair loss, thanks to gentle natural ingredients specifically adapted to your condition. Indeed, this premium scalp health-care solution provides optimal care before, during and after chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

Once treatment has ended, special hydration baths offered exclusively in Capilia centres will help improve the harsh side-effects of chemotherapy or radiotherapy and work to restore hydration and flexibility to the scalp.